According to a study published by the Journal of wildlife management, mice and rats are the cause of about 2.1 million fires in the U.S. each year. Both mice and rats chew through anything that is on their way, including electrical wires. Once wires are damaged, they produce short circuits, which can led to fires.

These rodents also cause structural damages, as they chew on anything that appears to be useful to build their nests, such as wood, drywall, paper, and more. They usually build nests in undisturbed areas, such as inside the walls of a home, in the attic, and even drawers that are not constantly used.

Mice and rats can also make you very sick. They carry and spread deceases, such as salmonellosis, listeria, and hantavirus.

Facts about mice and rats

  • Their teeth never stop growing. Chewing on hard materials is how they keep them trimmed down. That is one of the reason they cause so much damage.
  • Mice can start reproducing at only six weeks of age. A female, can get pregnant between 5-10 times a year, and each time she will give birth to 3-14 babies. It takes just a few mice to produce an infestation.
  • Rats are significantly bigger than mice, so fewer rats can cause more damage.
  • Mice can squeeze down to about a quarter of an inch. That is about the width of a pencil.

So, what can you do to keep these rodents away?

  • Eliminate food sources. Keep pet foods sealed. If you have fruit trees, pick up the fruit that falls to the ground. Keep your garbage contained, and floors and countertops clean.
  • Seal your home. Eliminate all possible entry points.
  • Keep outside doors closed.

If you ever encounter one of these intruders in your home, please take action immediately. Remember, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of the colony. Feel free to contact us with your specific problems if you need assistance.