The AIMVO Pest Control Treatment

These are the main steps our technicians will follow when they treat your home against pests. The process may vary based on inspection.

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Pest Control Barrier

We will create a full barrier around the entire perimeter of the home with a pressurised sprayer. Many pests like spiders, ants, centipedes, and others, like to hide close to the foundation of the home. Our product will flush these pests out, and it will prevent them from coming into your house. The barrier will be  3ft up and 3ft out around your entire home.

This barrier lasts for 60-90 days depending on variables such as weather.

AIMVO Pest Control will create a barrier with a high pressure spray around the entire perimeter of the house.
Dewebbing Process in a Pest Control Treatment - AIMVO Pest Control


An effective enhancement to your pest control service is the dewebbing process. We will meticulously deweb the eaves around the entire perimeter of your home, as well as any other areas that require attention. This method is specifically designed to eliminate spider webs and getting rid of wasps nests. We will repeat this process inside the garage if necessary. 

While the spiders might be eliminated through spray, this helps us keep your home looking good. 



Yard Granulation

Your yard is the perfect spot for many pests to nest, making it harder for you to enjoy your home. This is why we will granulate up to 30ft out from the foundation of your home. 

How does this help?

Many of the pests in your yard are nesting underneath what you can see. The granules we lay in your yard will dissolve and penetrate the yard, flushing out any pests that might be living there. 30ft of granules in every direction of your home is a strong yard treatment against pests. 


AIMVO Pest Control will Granulate 30ft out from the foundation of your home.
Pest Control Inside Spray - AIMVO Pest Control

Inside Spray

There are so many spots where pests can hide in the inside of your home. Behind furniture and kitchen appliances, under sinks and toilets, behind and underneath washers and dryers, behind picture frames, etc.

The inside spray will target some of these areas, and it will include a full baseboard spray as well. This eco-friendly product lasts for months, and it will contaminate pests as they crawl over it. As pests go back to their nests, they pass the chemical around to the rest of the nest, flushing the infestation out and exterminating pests.



Wall Injection

You never know what’s going on inside your walls, and just waiting it out can be very expensive. The wall injection will prevent pests like cockroaches and spiders from following plumbing lines from the outside into your home. This is done through the wall voids underneath the sinks. 

We will produce wall injections to get rid of any infestations prevent other pests from coming in.
AIMVO pest control truck

Free Retreatments and Follow Ups

Having pests in your home is a serious problem that can compromise your and your family’s health. Our exterminators will stop by as many times as needed, until your problem is gone, and you get that peace of mind.

We have also implemented a 100% money back guarantee policy,  to ensure customer satisfaction.





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