The Beginning


AIMVO Pest Control was founded in 2010 under the name “Armor Pest Defense,” and it was operated under that name for 11 years. During this process, the company grew to operate in 6 different states (Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Ohio), always with the ambition to keep growing, and benefit more and more people with our services. As we looked into expanding to even more states, we discovered that the name “Armor” was overused in the pest control industry, thus, a decision needed to be made.


The Big Change


We decided that if we wanted to grow and stay unique, a name change was necessary. After looking through hundreds, if not thousands of names company wide (we invited everyone in the company to come up with name ideas that were unique), we landed on AIMVO. It is short, memorable, easy to say, and we love it! With the name change, we also implemented other changes that can help us provide a better service for our customers.


Our Services


How could we provide a better service? Our service was already great, and we had all the guarantees a pest control company could have such as free retreatments, and a 100% money back guarantee policy. This is when we decided to start taking a closer look at data. We found that many times people that lived in the same neighborhoods would call us back with the same pest problems, within just a couple of days from each other. So on that count, as soon as we notice such patterns being displayed in our phone calls, we will automatically create a new appointment for everyone of our customers in that neighborhood as a retreatment (no extra fees) to prevent pest problems in their homes. 


Full Treatments… Every Time


When customers called with an specific pest problem in a certain area of the house, we used to comeback to their home and spot treat that area to get rid of that pest issue. Now, we will provide a full pest control treatment every time. Even if you only have and issue in your back yard, we will still go through the entire process to ensure the best pest control service for you to enjoy your home. 

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