For many years, AIMVO Pest Control has helped home owners in the Oklahoma City metro area to be pest free. Earwigs are easily one of the predominant pests in this area. They are everywhere, and some people even fear them due to false facts they have heard. In fact, the name earwig got some people to believe the myth that they will crawl into a person’s ear to lay eggs, eat their ear wax, and then move on to eating their brain. Luckily, all of that is false.

Here are some true facts about earwigs:

  • Earwigs are omnivores.
    • They will eat plants and flowers, as well as other insects. Their favorite food is decaying vegetation.
  • There are about 2,000 species of earwigs.
    • It is said that around 22 of these species live in the United States.
  • Most species are capable of flying, but are very rarely seen in flight.
  • Their pincers are called cerci, and they are used to fight, capture prey, and move food around.
    • People are usually surprised at their pincers being located at their tail rather than their head.

They like to live in dark and moist places. Leaf piles, water boxes, holes, bathrooms, and basements are perfect areas for them to be.

The cerci (their pincers) is usually the easiest way to differentiate the male from the female. A male’s cerci is larger and curved, while the female’s cerci is straight (see image below).

As a self-defense mechanism, they can either bite, or use their pincers. This may lead to mild pain and discomfort. Either way, they are not venomous. In the worst scenarios if an earwig pinches you with its cerci, it might draw some blood. This is not common at all, but if it happens do not panic, it will get better fast.

Why are earwigs so abundant in Oklahoma?

One reason is that earwigs are attracted to moist environments, and Oklahoma can have a humid climate, especially in the summer months. Earwigs are also attracted to areas with a lot of vegetation, as this provides them with a source of food and shelter. Oklahoma has a diverse landscape, with forests, grasslands, and agricultural areas, all of which provide an ideal habitat for earwigs.

Another reason for the abundance of earwigs in Oklahoma is that they have a wide range of prey, including insects and other small invertebrates. This allows them to thrive in a variety of different environments and helps to ensure their survival.

What you can do to prevent an earwig infestation:

  • Keep the outside of your house clean. Remove leaves that have fallen, and other organic material that might be laying around your yard.
  • If you use firewood to heat up your home, try storing the wood far from your foundation.
  • Check and clean your gutters regularly. Make sure they are draining properly. Built up moisture can attract earwigs.
  • Check entry points (doors and windows) for any cracks or tears in screens protecting the home from bugs.

If you already have an earwig infestation, you can still do the steps mentioned above in order to prevent this from happening again. Read the following paragraphs to learn what we will do to help you get rid of the earwigs in your home.

What AIMVO Pest Control will do to help you:

We will begin with an inside inspection and treatment. Our technician will spray your walls, and baseboards. We will also use dust to do wall treatments. The walls can accumulate moist due to leaks and other activities such as mopping or even taking baths. That is why this part is essential for good results.

Moving on to the outside. This is where earwigs are predominant. We will check for leaky faucets, and cracks or gasps that can make it easy for earwigs to access your home. We can only make our customers aware of these issues, but we cannot fix gasps or cracks for you. However, we will treat these areas deeply in order to flush the earwigs out of such gasps and cracks. Landscape with large rocks and drip irrigated bushes are also a hot spot. We will granulate and power spray to provide an effective control.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.