Many homeowners across the United States share their homes with pets, creating a special bond that makes a house feel like a home. However, as much as we adore our pets, they can unintentionally attract pests and even bring them inside. The problem is pet owners should not have to worry about unsafe pest control treatments for. Luckily, in today’s day and age pest control products pose minimal risks to pets. However, there are some ways that we can help make pest control pet friendly.

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What Does it Take to Make Pest Control Pet Friendly?

Making pest control pet friendly is a simple task but there are several considerations and practices that you should look for in a pest control company that will keep your pets’ healthy:

Safe Products: Utilizing pest control products that are specifically formulated to be safe for pets is the best way to keep pest control pet friendly. These products have lower toxicity levels and pose minimal risk to you and your family, including your pets.

Expert Application: Hiring experienced and knowledgeable professionals who understand how to make pest control pet-friendly by applying treatments in a manner that minimizes risks to pets. Proper application methods and placement are crucial. For example: Having mice and rat bait locked in a box installed by professionals, is a great way to make pest control pet friendly.

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Risk Assessments: Conducting a thorough assessment of the property to identify potential risks to pets. This includes determining safe areas for treatment and taking precautions to prevent pet exposure. For example: If you have a fish tank, it is best to avoid spraying in a way that could compromise the cleanliness of the water in the tank.

Pet Specific Precautions: While modern pest control products already make pest control pet friendly, taking additional precautions during and after treatments enhances the safety of your pets. Simple measures such as covering fish tanks and bird cages will make the treatment even more secure.

Searching for pest control companies that have these characteristics is important when you have pets in your home. These practices will keep pest control pet friendly while also delivering effective pest removal treatments.

The Before And During a Successful Pet Friendly Pest Control Treatment

If you’re still worried about the health of your pet you can prepare your pets for the treatment as well as keep them safe during the treatment. 

Before Pest Control Treatment:

Secure Pet Areas: Move your pets’ toys, and food bowls away from areas that need to be treated. Place them in an untreated spaces and return them after the treatment is performed.

Inform the Technician: Highlight any specific concerns you have regarding your pets’ safety during and after the treatment. The technician will address any concerns that you may have about pet friendly pest control.

During Pest Control Treatment:

Pet Seclusion: During the treatment, it is important to keep your pets away from the technician as they are treating the home. This will mainly prevent your pet from interfering with the treatment’s effectiveness but it will also prevent your pet from coming into direct contact with any products.

Follow Instructions: Depending on the type of pet you have, you might receive instructions from the technician who treats your home. Please follow those instructions, and write them down if necessary. Experienced pest control companies have the expertise needed to ensure your pets remain safe during and after the treatment.

Overall, keeping communication open with pest control professionals allows them to customize their methods, focusing on the safety of your pets in their approach. By listening to their guidance on precautions and instructions, you’ll help make pest control pet-friendly.

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Pests Hazardous to Pet Health

It is important to understand that pests can cause significantly more damage to the health of your pet than modern pest control. When you see signs of these pests on your pet seek professional help to keep your pets healthy.

Fleas: These tiny insects can transmit diseases like bartonellosis (cat scratch fever) and tapeworms. Flea bites can lead to intense itching, making pets scratch excessively, which can cause secondary skin infections.

  • Signs of Fleas- 
  • Excessive Scratching: Persistent scratching is a common sign of fleas.
  • Red or Irritated Skin: Flea bites can cause redness or irritation on your pet’s skin.
  • Visible Fleas: Check your pet’s fur for tiny, fast-moving brown insects.
  • Flea Dirt (Fecal Matter): Dark, pepper-like particles known as “flea dirt” may be present on your pet’s skin or in their bedding.
  • Hair Loss: Flea infestations can lead to hair loss, especially if your pet is constantly scratching.
  • Restlessness or Agitation: Flea bites can make pets restless or agitated.
  • Pale Gums: In severe cases, fleas can cause anemia, resulting in pale gums.
  • Ticks: Ticks can transmit various diseases, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and ehrlichiosis.
    • Signs of Ticks-
    • Visible Ticks: Check your pet’s skin, especially in areas like ears, neck, head, and paws.
    • Lump or Bump: Feel for small lumps or bumps on your pet’s skin.
    • Constant Scratching or Licking: Excessive scratching or licking may indicate discomfort from tick bites.
    • Redness or Inflammation: Tick bites can cause redness or inflammation around the affected area.
    • Hair Loss: Prolonged tick infestations can lead to hair loss.
    • Unusual Behavior: Changes in behavior, such as restlessness or irritability, may be observed.
    • Tick Eggs or Larvae: In severe infestations, tick eggs or larvae may be visible in your pet’s fur.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquito bites cause itching and irritation and transmit diseases like heartworm, which can be life-threatening for dogs if left untreated.
    • Signs of Mosquitos-
    • Itchy Bumps: Mosquito bites often result in small, itchy bumps on your pet’s skin.
    • Restlessness: Pets may exhibit restlessness or discomfort if bothered by mosquito bites.
    • Scratching or Licking: Excessive scratching or licking of specific areas may indicate mosquito bites.
    • Allergic Reactions: Some pets may experience allergic reactions to mosquito saliva, leading to more pronounced symptoms.
    • Seasonal Patterns: Increased mosquito activity during certain seasons may coincide with more noticeable symptoms on your pet.

Understanding pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes is crucial; they pose significant health risks to our pets. Implementing pet friendly pest control measures is important to create a safe home environment that minimizes potential health issues and promotes the well-being of our pets.

Keeping my Pets Pest Free

Overall the answer to the question “is pest control pet friendly?” is yes, when done correctly. The more damaging thing to the health of your pet are pests. Keeping your pet healthy involves keeping them pest free. Here are some things you can do to keep your pets and your home pest free.

Regular Grooming and Inspecting: regular grooming will help prevent and inspections can catch early onset ticks and fleas.

Maintain a Clean Environment: Clean and Vacuum your home regularly, especially where your pets spend the most time.

Outdoor control: Keep yards well-maintained by trimming tall grass, remove debris, and consider using pet-friendly outdoor pest control methods. 

Proper Waste Disposal: Dispose of pet waste promptly to minimize attractants for pests.

Educate Yourself: Stay informed about common pests in your area and the specific risks they pose to pets. This knowledge can help you take appropriate preventive measures.

How AIMVO Makes Pest Control Pet Friendly

At AIMVO Pest Control we take the safety of your pets seriously and strive to make pest control pet friendly. In our commitment to ensuring the well-being of your beloved pets, AIMVO Pest Control uses a variety of strategies to make our pest control pet friendly. We understand that pets are not just animals; they are cherished members of your family. Here are some key ways that AIMVO prioritizes the safety of your pets during our treatments:

Safe Products: Our treatments use specially formulated, pet-safe products that meet industry standards, effectively combating pests without compromising your pet’s well-being.

Expert Technicians: Our trained technicians handle procedures with care, applying products strategically and tailoring approaches to your home’s specific needs.

Strategic Placement: We place products that pets can’t access, targeting pest hotspots while considering your pet’s favorite spots to minimize contact.

Clear Communication: Stay informed with clear instructions from our technicians on keeping pets safe during and after treatment, ensuring a pet-friendly process.

At AIMVO Pest Control, we prioritize your peace of mind and your pets’ safety. Our commitment to making pest control pet friendly reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive services for every member of your household. If you have concerns, reach out to our knowledgeable team for a stress-free and pet-friendly environment.

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