No one likes having pests at home. Spiders, ants, cockroaches, beetles, mice, crickets, and so much more are likely to be some of your unwanted visitors at your home.

The reality is, everyone does or participates in pest control somehow. Some people prefer to pay a professional to stop by every couple of months, and treat year around. Others like the DIY (do it yourself) options available, meaning they buy the products, and apply them themselves. And there also is the group of people that won’t apply any products, but if they see a spider in their house, they will most likely kill it, or relocate it.

In this post, we want to clarify the pros and cons of each option.

The “Do it yourself” option.

Most of the times out of a can. Many people prefer to just buy some pest control products at the grocery store, and spray it themselves at home. While this can be a cheaper option, it can also be damaging. Many times people do not take the time to research what they are applying, and the products that are worth using, are sold to professionals that are licensed to do the job only.

Most DIY products, are a kill on contact substance, which can be a draw back. Let us explain. Bugs and pests tend to have hidden nests in locations unknown to you. When you spray in a surface with a kill on contact product, that is all it does, it kills the bugs that walk through the spot you sprayed. This will not fully take care of the problem.

The best products are flush out substances, and they are sold to licensed professionals only. This is how they work. The substance is sprayed, and bugs walk through it. It does not kill the bugs right away, but it makes them very uncomfortable making them go back to their safe place, AKA, their nest. As they get to the nest, they spread this chemical they picked up earlier with the rest of the nest, and the entire nests leaves the area. In other words, instead if just killing whatever walked through the substance, you use that bug as a tool to get to the heart of the problem, killing the entire colony.

Keep in mind, when you try the DIY method, you are spraying hoping for the best results without an inspection, or any sort of guidelines. Around 75% of our customers, have tried DIY and failed to get rid of the problem.

The “No products involved” option.

Most people are in this category. You don’t have a pest control professional taking care of you, but if you see a spider, you will probably take care of it. Some people like to take them outside, and even that is pest control in a way, because you are controlling where the spider is. Sadly, this never gets rid of the problem, and sooner or later you will have to switch your pest control plan. So many people do not agree with chemicals or substances being sprayed, but there is a lack of understanding in the matter.

The days when people had to leave their homes in order to have an exterminator come by and spray, are long gone. Most pest control services now are eco-friendly, meaning the products used are not toxic to you, nor your family, nor your pets. Yes, they kill bugs, and some people do not like that. However, living with bugs or pests is not healthy for anyone. Do what is best for you.

The “Exterminator” method.

This is the best way to keep bugs away. Pest control professionals usually need to go through education, and pass several exams depending on what they will treat for in order to do it commercially. The products used are products only trusted to people train, and they can have significantly better results as explained before.

Also, most pest control companies will have some sort of guarantee, which may include money back, or free retreatments. At AIMVO Pest Control, we offer both a 100% money back guarantee, and unlimited sprays as needed. You will not see this guarantees with any DIY method.